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The key to social media success

The key to social media success is simple: stop selling, start doing. Because actions speak louder than words.

Social media does not tolerate bullshit, flim flammery, lies and deceit. If you try to portray your brand as something it isn’t,…

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Social Comparison Of Australia’s Top Agencies

From this social comparison, we are able to closely analyse the various aspects that work cohesively to create a successful social business. Some of these companies are highly active on one form of social media, but not even utilizing another.…

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Social media as a change agent

A recent article in Adnews titled “Most marketers see social media as a change agent” caught my attention and I absolutely agree that social media changes…but what?

FRANk media_social media has a knock on effect--

The entry to social media is often via marketing. But social media is…

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Social Media Quotastic Monday

Happy Monday!

We thought it would be nice to get our brains rolling with some lightbulb-moment marketing quotes.

Share, add, get inspired…

“Marketing is a process, not an event.  This is the reason social media is so difficult for…

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