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Social Communities

Yesterday I saw and appreciated this crochet wrapped around a tree in Greville Street. More enlightened people than me (thanks Steph) told me this is an example of yarn bombing.

My appreciation came from how the crochet made me…

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8 things to know about social business

1.“Social” is something you are, not something you do

If your company culture doesn’t focus on building relationships within the business and your customers, then chances are that you won’t use social media to do it either. The “media” doesn’t…

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CLOO – genius or gone too far?

Well this is definitely a unique one! Who would have ever thought a smartphone app could be the answer to those who are out and about and ‘desperate’ for a bathroom. Soon this will be made possible in the U.S…

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FRANk’s Weekly Media Updates- August 30, 2011

Latest news highlights

Facebook shuts down Places and Deals, moves to integrated location-based tagging

FRANk Media Newsletter_Facebook places
Facebook Places, the location-based mobile feature that arrived in Australia last September, has been scrapped as a standalone service. This means users will no longer be…

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