5 Mobile Marketing Myths Busted!

We bust 5 common mobile marketing myths and highlight the importance of mobile marketing for your brand. 


1. You can only reach a young audience

Whoever told you this is a liar! Although 73% of those aged 18-29…

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Making Mobile A Priority

With the rapid uptake of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, brands need to make their effectiveness on mobile a priority if they want to improve their chances of success on social media. A brands focus on social…

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App Mobility: A Crucial Skill For Many Businesses

With ever changing modern technology, it has proved that at the moment the ability to develop successful mobile app’s is a crucial skill for many businesses to possess. App mobility is also an important factor that influences its success. Just…

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How the mobile web is disappointing global users

Even though I’m perfectly grateful for having an iPhone with 3G, I’m not very happy with my provider (who shall remain nameless). I haven’t had proper 3G for almost a year – instead I’m trapped in constant ‘roaming’ mode. But…

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Awash with waves of iphone apps

As a marketing communications company we owe it to ourselves and our loyal clients to stay abreast of the ever evolving communications-shift that is in play. One of my solutions to appear knowledgeable is to surround myself…

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