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Introducing Instagram Video!

A new addition, which we all saw coming, Facebook last week introduced to the world video on Instagram!

Of course, It wouldn’t be an introduction without a feel good video that explains nothing to go with it (see below).


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4 Ways Social Media is Evolving Businesses

No one can deny that social media isn’t huge (you’re a fool if you do!) and as it continuously evolves and changes, not only are people adapting and very accepting of this new way of not only communicating but living,…

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Google+ Unveils Their New Design

Google+ Unveils Their New Design: We explain all the new features you can expect to see. 

Last week Google+ unveiled their new design which has been 2 years in the making. Their aim was to put the tools downs…

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Volkswagen Innovative YouTube Video Ad

I for one hate car ads! I’m sick of seeing 4wheel drives, driving over mountains, across rivers and desert landscapes. I drive my car on normal roads, in normal areas so I really don’t care for those commercials.


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