10 unexpected social media facts & stats

 10 unexpected social media facts & stats 

Does your company use social media to reach and engage with customers? These 10 surprising social media facts & stats may make you rethink your social media approach.

Social Networks


1. The…

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Google+ Unveils Their New Design

Google+ Unveils Their New Design: We explain all the new features you can expect to see. 

Last week Google+ unveiled their new design which has been 2 years in the making. Their aim was to put the tools downs…

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Google .. are you becoming Evil?

Google’s search results are undergoing their most radical transformation ever – and it’s getting lots of flak from the Internet.

Search plus your “world”

Earlier this month, Google launched their social search imitative dubbed (a little clunkily) “…

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Facebook and Google, it’s FU Time

After Google+ launched its own social network with moderate success, the unthinkable happens: There is yet another new social network in town “Unthink”

FRANK Media- Unthink Social NetworkClever alternative to Facebook and Google+ that claims to treat its user (or as they call…

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Google+ suspends company accounts

Google+ has said it from the start: brands and companies are not allowed on its current Google+ platform but it did nothing to stop companies trying anyway.

We were on the new social network right when it launched and had…

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What’s stopping Google+

Google may be an enormous network of information, literally out to take over the Internet now that they’ve armed themselves with a social platform as well. Facebook, however, has a huge head start with 750 million users worldwide.

1. Barriers…

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Could Google+ replace Facebook?

Google recently launched its own social network to a selected few and what has been leaked so far looks promising:


It has many features and it may be a bit overwhelming to start with but Google has anticipated this…

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5 Social Trends to Watch

The following 5 trends appeared in an article by PSFK this week and we thought we’ll share them with you.

1.    Social Identity will be embedded in all devices – when setting up new mobile devices your…

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