Social Media Advertising

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and that couldn’t be more apt on social media these days.

If you want your brand, content and offers to reach current as well as potential new customers on social media, it’s important to have social media advertising campaigns in place.

FRANk can provide set-up, guidance, campaign management and reporting across all social media advertising including:

Facebook & Instagram Ads: Grow your page engagement, generate new leads, encourage website clicks and conversions, video views, or promote an offer, all through engaging and targeted Facebook Ad campaigns.

Twitter Ads: Promote your tweets, target new customers and increase your click throughs with engaging Twitter Ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads: Get your brand message in front of the customers you want, on a platform they trust and engage with through a LinkedIn Ad campaign.

As the social advertising world continues to adapt and engage, FRANk stays on top of all updates and possibilities, so you never miss an opportunity to reach customers.

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