The 6 Fundamentals for Social Business

The Fundamentals

We have identified 6 fundamentals to growing a fruitful social business (and I’ll use a gardening analogy)

1. FIND THE RIGHT SEEDS – Start with your customers in mind better understand their attitudes, aspirations & natural social behaviour. The best customer is a sharing customer.

2. PREPARE THE GROUND – Appreciate which platforms can deliver on the insights. Choose the right tool for the right job.

3. FERTILISE EARLY & FREQUENTLY – Fresh content is the fertiliser which interests & brings the community with it. In turn the community will bring fresher and better content.

4. GROW ORGANICALLY – Buying likes or followers is pretence – there’s no short cut in forming meaningful relationships.

5. MAINTAIN YOUR GARDEN – It requires agile development, weed out mistakes and move on. And don’t forget to celebrate success!

6. HARVEST WHEN RIPE – Social business takes time but the harvest is generous and keeps giving. In time traditional marketing, customer service and research costs and so on can be reduced.



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