Media Planning, Negotiation & Buying

Audience is a word you still hear a lot in marketing, but it’s an out dated term because the people experiencing your brand are likely not just passive observers but emotional participants.

Media planning and buying has become highly commoditised over the years and it is very often siloed from the reality of commercial thinking in the quest for just cheap media.

Our thinking centres on engaging in the right conversations, with the right people, in the right environment at the right moment and then at the lowest possible cost.

Our commitment is to fulfil your business objectives by striking the right balance between traditional, digital and social media.

We provide intelligent media direction, market knowledge, research and substantial experience to ensure our clients’ objectives are delivered in the most effective way possible.

With substantial experience in connecting brands into offline & online programming FRANK can create meaningful commercial integration with engaging content, driving relevance that other exposure methods don’t necessarily provide.


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