Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing helps your company to be found online by prospective customers.

Almost every search for a product or service today starts with an online search, mostly on Google. Therefore it is essential that your company website is visible to people searching for your type of product or service. It is a very competitive market place however and search engine ranking algorithms change frequently. Social media sites also continue to play an increasingly important role for search results and it is key to stay on top of the search game.

GMG Digital are our proud partners in the SEO/SEM space.

GMG Digital

Search engine marketing (SEM) includes search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click which is paid search (PPC). Both organic and paid search have their advantages and after we assess your business objectives and resources we recommend a SEM strategy tailored to your business.

Organic search results are usually trust worthier than paid search results and users prefer them. We can help you rank organically for relevant keywords and ensure you stay on top of the search rankings. It takes a solid strategy and ongoing resources to succeed with SEM but FRANk partnering with GMG Digital is here to help and see your search engine strategy through.

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