Content Marketing

“As the volume of content has exploded and attention spans have shortened, captive audiences held hostage by the medium no longer exist. As humans, we now set our own filters, we tune into those we trust or care about most and our ability to ignore comes at the peril of those that have commanded our attention for so many years.” Jonny Mole, VP Shuttlerock.

The benefit of content marketing is that it enables brands to be part of those formative moments that shape our initial thinking towards products and services.

Great content marketing is best described as anything a brand produces that, were it unbranded, would still hold value and be of compelling interest. Content, in the right societal context, is the new currency of the digital age. It’s the voice and personality of your brand and therefore vital to allocate the respect, investment and focus it requires, as with any other form of communication.

We work with our clients to focus on the three facets of Strategy, Creativity and Agility.

Strategy: To clearly identify the balance between meeting, business, brand and customer objectives.

Creativity: Telling stories and designing useful, usable and desirable experiences requires some out of the box thinking. Stories are not shared by people unless they are exceptionally compelling, entertaining or educational.

Agility: Most brands grapple with agility because they are still operating in a construct build for the industrial broadcast era of marketing. This is about shifting from the ‘launch and walk away’ model and moving towards a model that adds a layer of smaller more nimble initiatives that can help inform and even optimise the bigger more comprehensive campaigns that are still linear in nature.

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint and interestingly only 28% of Australian marketers said that their organisations are effective at content marketing.

In FRANk’s view here are some examples of great content marketing…

The owner of a fountain pen business that continues to “enjoy growth rates each year in the 50-100% range.” His marketing philosophy starts with a question: “How can I help the most people?”

A property investor that gives away his IP and reaps the rewards.

A university that generates thousands of prospective student enquiries via student blog stories.

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