Communication Planning

“Welcome to a new era of marketing & service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.” Brian Solis

In an always-on world, consumer expectations are changing. As a result, the nature of marketing itself is also changing.

Data, digital, social, mobile, analytics and real-time agility are becoming integral parts of the modern business. Today communication channels are wildly abundant. Communication through them is multi-directional as everybody is connected to everybody else in real time.

This is a new connected era. One in which we need to re-orient ourselves towards creating value for people, rather than just preying on their time. Until the 1990’s the process of communications was one of brand transmitting and consumer receiving; the currency being reach and frequency.

By 2000 the rising tide of media fragmentation meant that consumers’ attention could no longer be taken for granted. This saw the birth of communications planning, a new approach that took as its starting points the consumer’s journey towards purchase and beyond. Engagement is the currency, not just passive exposure.

But in the connected era, when technology allows people to be so much more than passive viewers, communications planning can become a good deal more unpredictable. Gone is the simplicity of a sequential customer journey, fundamentally displacing the brand from its central, controlling position of orchestrating how its story is told.

So FRANk’s communications planning process involves identifying those communication activities that create enough value for the consumer to inspire the behaviours we seek. The currency here is reciprocity. The sources of that value could be many and various: good old-fashioned advertising or creating social currency, experiential, providing utility, offering opportunities to rally around a cause, or to connect with people who matter.

The reality is that given your campaign will inevitably be caught in a blizzard of distractions, providing real value is a more defensible position than relying on people having nothing better to look at.

FRANk’s communications planning sits at the heart of campaign strategy since the challenge of delivering value to the audience cuts right across both the conception of the creative idea and the design of the communications plan.

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