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Why you should never buy Facebook Likes

Having been in the social media space for over five years, educating brands about the rules and best practices of social media is as much a part of our work as strategy is. One of the common issues that keeps…

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Using Metrics When Marketing Content

Many companies view metrics when content marketing in their own way to determine the type of content they should be displayed on their site. Being able to view and effectively use the various metrics available is an important part to…

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Bigger Companies Embracing Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is definitely a viable outlet for companies to benefit themselves in many different ways. More and more we are seeing bigger companies put larger proportions of their digital spending budget towards social media.


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Say Goodbye to ROI Without A Strategy

Low barriers to entry can be determined as the prime reason why businesses believe they can be successful on social media without a strategy. Companies expecting ROI without a strategy need to review certain criteria about themselves and they’re consumers…

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Social Media ROI through Social Business

FRANk Media - Social media vs social business

The thinking here is that to generate true return on investment then an external social media strategy needs to be coupled with an internally sound social business. Here’s a chart we’ve amended from one of David Armarno’s excellent …

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