Outdoor Advertising – The Digital Takeover

Why Digital Is The Future Of Outdoor Advertising

I know the term ‘Digital Transformation’ gets thrown around a lot but it has never been more appropriate than right now! The days of static billboards may not be dead, but they’re…

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Do Twitter contests work?

Well, that depends on what you want to achieve with your Twitter contest.

Yes, social media platforms like Twitter can be powerful tools within a bigger picture marketing plan but their success largely depends on how you measure success and…

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Social Communities

Yesterday I saw and appreciated this crochet wrapped around a tree in Greville Street. More enlightened people than me (thanks Steph) told me this is an example of yarn bombing.

My appreciation came from how the crochet made me…

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Starbucks – Christmas Magic

Starbucks U.S is launching its first major augmented reality app leading up to Christmas that will allow customers to animate their coffee cups with their smartphones!

The app will work by pointing your phone’s camera at the special cups and…

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