Are Shoppable Instagram posts about to change the way user shop online?

Are Shoppable Instagram Posts About To Change The Way User Shop Online?

Mobile has undoubtedly altered the way people shop, with users being able to browse and purchase anywhere, at any time. It was only a matter of time before the social media platforms began to provide better online shopping alternatives for businesses. With Facebook already offering product tags and shopify integration, it is now about time Instagram followed suit.

Instagram is the perfect platform for an integrated shopping experience with the abundance of influencer marketing on the platform coupled with user’s willingness to recommend product through their profiles. Facebook began Beta testing shoppable posts with US retailers this week, including retailers such as Kate Spade, JackThreads and Warby Parker.




Shoppable posts will be identified by a small shopping bad icon on the post when it appears in an account profile. When viewed in the feed it will have the option for a user to ‘tap to view products’. When clicked on a popup will appear with the product names, price and details. The user remains in the Instagram app until they actually click the shop now button, which will then redirect them from the app to the businesses website product page.

At this stage this feature is only available for select US business pages, however is it only a matter of time before cross posting and the use of shoppable posts by paid influecners becomes a reality?

While it is still early days for the testing, it bodes well for what’s to come.



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