The Social Media Updates You Need To Know About From October.

The latest updates and changes that you need to know about in the world of social media, apps and development!



1. Instagram puts more emphasis on Stories in the main feed, with a ‘re-engagement box’. Instagram confirmed the update, saying that “this update makes it easier to preview the stories from the people and accounts you care about.”


 2. Instagram has introduced two new camera features for Stories. The first is a Stop-Motion camera tool that takes a series of photos and turns them into a GIF. The next camera update has come in the form of a Superzoom effect. This adds suspenseful sound effects whilst zooming in on a single option in 3 stages.



1. Comments made by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner suggest the company is open to developing original video programming for the platform. The company even identified specific career-minded shows or professional sports content that might be a fit for the network.


 2. LinkedIn officially integrates with Office 365, rolling out to LinkedIn will provide insights such as profile pictures, work history and more to user’s inboxes.


AR In Apps

1. Amazon has released a new feature to iOS app users, which uses augmented reality. The feature allows users to use their smartphone cameras to visualize thousands of online products like furniture, toys, decor, and more in their own living spaces.



1. Facebook has introduced new features that help strengthen the groups and communities aspect of the platform. Some of the features include welcome posts that automatically tag new group joiners, badges that help to identify group admins, moderators and new members; and new member profiles that highlight group-specific details, things they may have in common, and recent activity within the group. Facebook has also updated Group Insights, which now includes helpful tips like when your users are most active and making moderation easier.



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