Messengers New In-Stream Payments

Facebook released Bots for Messenger a few months back, however this has been relatively slow to take off.  The recent release of Messenger 1.2 may just change that however, as it seeks to improve the bot processes to make them more enticing for advertisers and users.


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Messenger as a destination for News feed Ads:

This means you will now be able to select Messenger as a destination under the website clicks objective. You can select multiple call to actions for your ad, such as “send message, “Shop New” or “Learn More” to link directly to the messenger platform.
This new functionality is a way for brands to draw users straight to messenger and form a direct conversation with them on the platform.


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Enhanced Mobile Websites:

Web developers can now build web views into Messenger conversations to integrate interfaces from their websites. This means you can do can do various tasks such as search for a new bag, consume different types of media, or play games while still in the chat window. This gives businesses a way to facilitate direct connection with customers via the platform.


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Messages with Payments:

One of the key issues businesses have with messenger so far is that users have had to link out to an external website to fulfill a payment and make a transaction. 1.2 will enable users to register their credit card info to make purchases without ever leaving the app.
For businesses, this means they can now automate the entire purchase process within the Messenger thread, meaning all they need to do is process the orders as they come through.

Welcome Screens & sharing options:

You can also have a new welcome screen within Messenger, which provides a information on your brand, such as the associated page, response time and capabilities provided on Messenger. Further to this people will be able to share bots with friends via Messenger, allowing brands to gain further awareness and reach.

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