3 Things Worth Noting in Social Media:

Messenger’s Instant Video:

Messenger’s latest Instant video offering allows users to share real-time video within a message thread.
How is this any different to FaceTime you ask? Well, Facebook state that FaceTiming is used for planned occasions such as to wish a friend Happy Birthday, whereas Instant Video is aimed at enabling people to quickly and easily share moments. Instant Video plays initially without sound, which avoids those awkward loud video situations.


Image sourced from socialmediatoday.com

This concept is clearly nothing new, with Snapchat offering all of the above, however with over 1 billion users on Messenger now this may make it easier for people to share videos on a platform they are already familiar with.

With all this activity occurring through private messenger, how will this impact interaction on the Newsfeed? 

Custom Audience Targeting for Canvas ads:

Canvas ads allow marketers to build a fully customized multimedia story using a combination of images, videos, text, product feeds and call-to-action buttons to essentially bring the ad to life. Though Canvas ads were released almost a year ago now, they just got that much more useful for advertisers.  Similar to video engagement custom audiences, marketers can now create a custom audience based on those that have viewed a canvas ad. This gives advertisers the ability to re-target Canvas viewers and create  lookalike audiences based on those who viewed the ad.


Image sourced from socialmediaexaminer.com

Will this further encourage brands to test out the Canvas ad format? 

Snapchat rolls out three New Ad Targeting Options:

Snapchat have three new ad targeting options available – Snap Audience Match through email addresses, Lookalikes and Snapchat Lifestyle categories. These targeting options essentially track what people are doing outside of Snapchat and hit them with relevant ads on Snapchat based on that activity.

Previously brands have been able to aim ads based on their audience’s age, gender, location, who their wireless carrier is and which Discover Channel they’re checking out. This new adoption of more data-intensive targeting however means that you can reach the right audiences which has previously been a concern for advertisers. These ad targeting options are very similar, if not identical to Facebook’s targeting options, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out on Snapchat.

How will Snapchat users respond to this targeting? 

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