Pinterest Introduce Promoted Video’s

Pinterest Video Advertising

Pinterest is a great platform for people to discover new ideas, recipes, and gain general inspiration. Pinterest are taking their offering even further, by introduced Promoted Video.


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According to the latest Mary Meeker report 55% if people on Pinterest want to find or shop for products on the platform. This is extremely important for brands considering Pinterest, as though the user base is slightly lower in Australia compared to other social networks with (280,000 active monthly users) the users that are there are eager to purchase.

With the latest Promoted Video offering, this highlights an opportunity for businesses to share their ideas through videos to this highly engaged audience.

Featured Pins can now sit below the video, which allows users to click below the video for example and go straight to your product page. This works great for beauty, food and entertainment brands as it allows you to offer a video and feature Pins below that showcase the products/services featured.

Promoted Video is currently only available in the US and UK, however it’s expected to hit Australia shortly.


Do you consider Pinterest in your marketing mix?

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