Twitter’s Dashboard Assists SME’s

Twitter Dashboard has recently been released, which is a free standalone app designed to help businesses on the platform. For now this is only available in the US, but expected to hit Australia soon.

The new Dashboard is particularly appealing for small business, as it is essentially an all-in-one platform, allowing brands to interact and reach audiences.

Check out the key features of Twitter Dashboard:

  •  Twitter Dashboard lets you easily view what is being said about your business and never miss a tweet about your brand. You can create a custom feed, which is great for those posts that might escape the direct “@” mentions.
  • You can now schedule Tweets using the Dashboard, which eliminates the need to use third party publishers such as Hootsuite. If you scheduled a tweet and realised you no longer wish to post it, you can then use new iOS Dashboard app to made edits to your Tweet queue.
  •  Need a little Tweet motivation? Twitter’s dashboard offers you inspiration to best engage with your audience with auto-generated messages.

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This aligns with the new Engage app available for those with a large social following. Essentially, Engage provides users more data tools that track retweets, mentions and video views. This new filtering system surfaces the most important followers and mentions from loyal fans and followers.

Engage app

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Twitter has in many ways been pushed to the sidelines as of late, with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat updating their advertising offering. But its important to recognise that Twitter has it’s own unique merits  in being a go-to public forum for customer service, and Dashboard is further refining this to ensure brands can best use the platform.

Is your business on Twitter?

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