3 things worth noting in social media

  • Snapchat’s latest advertising updates
  • Instagram’s mobile banner ads
  • Facebook’s store visit metric


  • Snapchat

Advertiser’s rejoice, Snapchat is launching a wide range of ad updates including ads between stories, expandable snap ads, and an ad API. Advertisers have previously been skeptical to advertise on Snapchat due to the ambiguity of the platform, however Snapchat is launching a measurement tool to prove its impact to brands. Check out all the updates below:

  • Snap ads between stories: Perhaps this is why Snapchat introduced their auto-play functionality, as ads will now be inserted into stories when you auto-advance at the end of ones person’s stories to the next persons. This is a great way for advertisers to reach a highly engageed audience.
  • Ads API: Snapchat is ditching the old fashioned way of selling ads, as it allows advertisers to start buying ads with more precision and frequency. Brands can use Snapchat’s advertising interface to execute campaigns, automating the process of placing orders, delivering creative, targeting audiences, and ultimately measuring the success of their ads.
  •  Snapchat expandable ‘Snap Ads’: Users can now swipe up on an ad to install a promoted app, watch a long-form video, visit a mobile website or view an Instant Article style article formatted specifically for Snapchat.
  •  Ad tech partnerships: Snapchat has teamed up with developers such as 4C,  Amobee and more to ensure businesses are spending their money most effectively on the medium.
  •  Snapchat partners for creative: Snapchat is ensuring that the creative on the platform is meets the medium by directing advertisers to specific creative agencies to help them produce eye catching Snap ads.
  •  Snapchat ad measurement: Snapchat has built a set of measurement partnerships with Moat, Nielsen mobile Digital Ad Ratings and Google DoubleClick to assist advertisers in figuring out which ads are working and where best to spend their money.

Snapchat have stated that they will closely monitor the quality and relevancy of all ads by reviewing all content before it runs. Clearly Snapchat HQ has been busy as of late and it will be interesting to see users reactions to the platforms changes.

Gatorade example

Image sourced from snapchat.com

  • Instagram:

Instagram has added banner features to it’s mobile ad products, which essentially means that call-to-action buttons resemble banner ads. For users this means that when they click on an ad from their news feed, a banner will pop up at the bottom of the screen and ask them to take an action, such as visiting a store website or downloading app. Once the user clicks on the banner, a website within Instagram will open. Instagram hopes that this update will essentially make it easier for people to search and discover businesses they are interested in on Instagram.


insta 2

Imaged sourced from adweek.com


  • Facebook:

Facebook’s latest update seeks to provide real-time data on the offline response to advertising, which gives marketers the ability to optimise creative in real time using Facebook insights at the campaign level. This update also allows businesses to break down their market by location and see what is working best where. A store locator option will be also be added to local ads, giving users the ability to navigate their way to the nearest store from within the ad itself.

I think this latest update is in line with what many brands are seeking – the ability to connect online activity with offline experiences and purchases. Of course, this store visit metric requires users o have their location services switched on which means it won’t gather all data.

FB store locator

Imaged sourced from adweek.com

Further to this, Facebook are adding a way to connect which ads lead to actual sales in stores or over the phone. An Offline Conversions API will allow businesses to match transaction data from a customer database or point-of-sale system with Ads Reporting.


What do you think of these latest updates?

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