Instagram’s Dynamic Ads

Instagram have recently released Dynamic Ads, which essentially allows advertisers to customize their ads based on your online activity and interests.

Dynamic ads mean that marketers can show products to people who have already expressed interest in them. So, for example if a shopper adds a suitcase into their cart but doesn’t continue with their transaction, they will get re-targeted through Instagram with the same or similar products.

Further to this, Instagram is updating its Custom Audience tool by allowing brands to prioritize different types of users and reach those that might be more valuable to their business. This is particularly helpful if you want to segment our audience further and prioritize those that frequently visit your site, or spend a lot of money and create a custom audience based on this.

An example of a ‘Dynamic Ad’ on Instagram.


Alongside this, Facebook have announced that they will be rolling this out specifically for the travel sector. So, for example it will suggest hotels, flights, events and so on related to you interest in travel. This shift to mobile, and more specifically Instagram aligns with Facebook’s recent survey results highlighting that 60% of Instagram users say they learn about products and services on Instagram, and 75% of Instagram users take action on a website, which might be shopping for a product or searching for more information, after seeing it on Instagram.

These changes align with the increase of recent purchases being made on mobile, and the need for ads to be relevant and specific for users to show interest.

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