Are Live-Video Platforms The Future for Brands?

2016 has been marked by many as the year for video, with platforms such as Facebook experimenting with 360 video, Periscope, Instagram’s Boomerang and Google’s Cardboard, social networks are definitely looking at different ways they can work with video. There are however smaller niche platforms that have emerged, such as Blab which is a live video platform that allows you to interact with people face-to-face in real-time.


Example of a Blab provided by Social Media Examiner

Example of a Blab provided by Social Media Examiner


Blab offers the potential for businesses to be a part of the conversations that matter and essentially build a community around their brand. Be it through the use of ambassadors, marketers or fans of your brand, Blab is creating a space for people to talk about your brand and share their experiences with it. For example; if your brand is in the food industry you can host a Blab around recipe sharing, incorporating celebrity chefs and brand ambassadors or if you are a bike brand you could create a Blab that features live interviews with key influences, offers bike tips and so on.


blab being used

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So, how does Blab work? Four people have a video chat simultaneously as an audience watches and has the opportunity to comment. You can instantly switch places with one of the four video chatters simply by requesting to join.


Blab is linked to your Twitter account, which then of course allows the video’s to be shared on Twitter. If you hosted the Blab, you can accept or deny who enters the conversation, along with tracking the comments, engagements and views of your channel. You can also start your Blab straight away, or set a time to broadcast in the future, therefore giving you enough time to spread awareness and for fans to subscribe to your Blab.




Of course live video brings up the usual precautions around the lack of control of content from a company perspective. If you are the creator of the Blab however, you can accept or deny who enters the conversation, along with tracking the comments and views of your channel.


With all the social, digital and mobile transformations emerging technologies and platforms such as Blab are only going to increase. As brands continue to understand the importance of creating experiences,  it becomes even more important for them to start participating on sites such as Blab.


How do you think your business could benefit from networks such as Blab?

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