Nielsen Launches Social Content Ratings

Anyone that uses Facebook, which is pretty much everyone, will know how much their friends, family and followers love to share their opinion about a particular event or television show on screen. With that in mind, Nielsen has announced it will be getting more social as it starts to work alongside Facebook to determine how much buzz a television show is generating.


Nielsen has previously partnered up with Twitter to gather ‘TV Ratings’ from the social network. Bringing in social media giant Facebook will certainly generate more data and better measurement tools.


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How does it all work? Social Content Ratings will measure program related conversations on the social networks including posts from friends, family, followers and publicly. Measurement will include posts/tweets, engagement, reach and demographics that are available. Of course privacy issues spring to mind, however Nielsen has stated that it will only have access to public posts and no private chat conversations.


With the changes in TV viewing and the current multi-screen environment, this new measurement tool will give a better understanding of the relationship between social activity and television viewing. With so many television programs being released into the market, this measurement tool may offer some key insights into how consumers are responding to the content. Furthermore, it will allow advertisers to make more informed decisions based on ad-placements, sponsorships and integrations.


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