Latest Facebook Hot Topics -Australia

Facebook have made it easy to follow the trends by putting together a monthly post called Hot Topics!

Halloween was the most discussed topic this month, with mostly females embracing the holiday. Further to this older Australian woman discussed concerts of long-time artists Robbie Williams and Fleetwood Mac.

This month marked a significant milestone for fans, especially men, of the science fiction “Back to the Future” trilogy. Brands and public figures hoped on board, as they used this as an opportunity to reach their audiences. For example Toyota’s Fueled by the Future ad.

The Rugby World Cup was largely discussed on social media by males in the lead-up to the final on November 1. Age and Gender influence come in to play largely when it comes to sport, as we see mostly males engaging in this topic.

October’s Hot Topics showed that with the right planning for key moments and creative content, brands can more effectively reach and engage with audiences that matter.


Check out who drove the conversation and when these topics peaked for each audience:

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