Facebook Hot Topics – September 2015

Facebook have made it easy to follow the trends by putting together a monthly post called Hot Topics!

Woolworth’s social media team got savvy this month, as they responded to a customer’s response with a perfectly lyrical reply using Eminem. It appears the supermarkets rhymes are fresher than its food as this caused a lot chat about the brand on Facebook.This highlights the importance of brands interacting with their audience, and using responses that are not generic, but personalized to the situation and the market.

Public figures were the starting point of many conversations on Facebook across Australia this month, with the Pope being the most discussed topic. This was following his powerful speech about the importance of family, which followed an engaged Australian couple’s testimonial about struggling with chastity,

The terrible murder of Tara Brown sparked a national debate on Facebook, as TV host Lisa Wilkinson highlighted the need for Tony Abbot to take stronger action on domestic violence in Australia.
Furthermore, Tony Abbot continued to make headlines, as he was ousted as prime minister by Malcolm Turnbull.

Kanye West was also discussed, as men in particular contemplated the idea of him becoming the next president of America. Men also showed excitement around the discovery of water on Mars.

Music was a hot topic for women, as they discussed X-factor and contestant Gazele’s rendition of ‘Uptown Funk”.

Check out who drove the conversation and when these topics peaked for each audience:

FB hot topics


What do these trending topics show about brand engagement on Facebook?

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