3 Things Worth Noting On Social Media This Week

Check out the latest changes in social media…


  1. Facebook rolls out reactions
  2. LinkedIn Groups become private
  3. Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook rolls out reactions:

In extension to the ‘Like’ button, Facebook has introduced ‘Sad’, ‘Haha’, ‘angry’, “Love” and “Wow” reactions. Facebook states that this offers users a better way to express themselves.

What do these reactions mean for marketers? If successful, it will offer the opportunity for businesses to better understand how people are responding to their content on Facebook. Some brands may feel a little concerned with the ease of their audience being able to use emojis such as an angry face, but it is just a further step in ensuring that there is only quality content on the platform that appeals to the target market.

These reactions are currently being tested in Ireland and Spain, and if successful they will be available to all.

LinkedIn makes all Groups Private

LinkedIn has seen significant growth over the last couple of years. And with more than two million Groups interacting on the social network, it has decided to upgrade this experience.

The biggest change to the social network is that all Groups will now be made private. This modification is to reduce the amount of low quality content filtering through and keep conversations private. Furthermore it is launching a standalone IOS app for the feature which will offer push notifications for Group conversations.

Facebook opens Lead Ads

FB leads
Facebook release Lead Ads which work to seamlessly connect people with businesses. Lead Ads work by allowing customers to learn more about a particular product or service. This will be achieved by giving users the option to sign up to newsletters, receive quotes and special offers from businesses.

Lead Ads offer a quick way for customers to sign up and gather more information on your product or service, which in turn allows you to find the people that want to interact with your brand.

It will be interesting to see how users react to these ads as people are relatively hesitate to sign up to newsletters and the likes. Facebook have announced that the next step is to test out lead ad forms with open-ended questions in order for businesses to gain further information.

How will these updates impact your brand? Have you heard of any other social media news worth noting?

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