Snapchat – The Ghost is Here to Stay

The popular disappearing messaging app reporting 2 billion video views per day.

Are you on Snapchat yet? Have you sent your friends some 5 second selfies, videos from a gig, or more, let’s use the word ‘intimate’, snaps to a special friend, because apparently some people do that… but not us, ever. Chances are if you have the app you’ve done at least one, if not all (no judgement here, promise!) of the above, and you’re not alone. Recent figures highlight that Snapchat is reportedly seeing 100 million active users viewing 2 billion videos per day. That’s a lot of videos in one day. And given the current trend in video content marketing, what do these figures mean for brands?

It’s no surprise to learn that approximately 45% of Snapchat’s daily users are Millennials, and given that fact, it’s even less of a surprise to learn that the most popular shared content amongst these users is selfies and food – shock, horror! But what is interesting to note is how this 45% towers above Facebook’s millennial audience base of 16%. That’s a pretty large difference when it comes to where your customers are.

snap chat phone

Snapchat’s recent introduction of it’s ‘Discover’ medium is allowing certain publishers to push out content and video to users, without bombarding audiences or making them view it, but rather offer the option to view advertising content. 

So what does this mean for brands and marketers here at home? Well, one Fitness brand here in Australia is already beginning to utilise this medium to motivate clients to get fit by sending photo and video content.

These reported figures really shouldn’t be ignored if that’s where your target audience fits, but how can this platform add value to a brand without taking away the underlying value of user-experience. It’s one we’ll be keeping a close eye on here to see if any brands and businesses embrace the platform for one-on-one engagement.

Have you any plans to implement Snapchat into your marketing mix, or have you any examples of brands who have done it well, or not so well?

Article update – On June 21st Snapchat introduced ‘3V Advertising’. Find out more in this video:



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