Do consumer recommendations & social networks impact purchase decisions?

Ever wondered if all your reviews and social networking efforts actually make a difference to how your consumers behave?

The latest Social Recommendation Index brought to you by Social Media Link, is an annual survey of over 24,000 active social media users and aims to  discover the effects social networks and customer reviews have on actual purchases.

Customer advocacy is a huge benefit for any brand, but the struggle can be getting the mechanics of this correct. Some key take-outs of this years study include:

  • Facebook and Instagram lead the pack for sharing product purchases, with Pinterest not far behind.
  • Trust in Pinterest increased from 56% in 2013 to 64% in 2014.
  • Personal stories are better than star ratings. More than 90% of those surveyed said the most valuable reviews are those that contain personal stories.
  • The closer the relationship, the greater the influence. According to 77% of those surveyed, close friends and family impact purchase the most, while only 11% said a celebrity impacts purchase.
  • Consumers are not turned off by facilitated reviews, especially if it’s written by a friend or family member. Close to 90% said they trust a review from a friend or family member who has received a free product in exchange for a review.

Check out the rest of these findings in the infographic below:

Social_Recommendations_Index_Infographic_2014 (1)

What are your thoughts or findings on how recommendations or social networks influence the path to purchase?

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