Clever Pre-roll Ads That You Won’t Want To Skip

Those first 5 seconds are key

As viewers we’re all familiar with those YouTube pre-roll ads, and we’re usually reaching for the ‘Skip Ad’ button as quickly as possible! It’s no secret that viewership rates for digital  pre-roll ads are generally poor, however part of the problem is that very few marketers specifically tailor ads to pre-rolls. They simply prefer to run their TV spots unchanged.

The key is being able to engage a viewer in those first 5 seconds. Geico, a car insurance company in the US with the help from The Martin Agency recently launched a series of very clever and comical pre-roll ads. They really put the emphasis on the first 5 seconds, however the ads run for much longer and it’s what happens after the first 5 seconds that is part of the humour.

You’ll find yourself not wanting to skip past these ones, in fact we think you’ll find them rather entertaining. Pop your headphones in and enjoy!

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