Location Tagging: What’s being said on social media at an event?

Wondering what one side of the stadium is saying at the game?

The folks over at Geofeedia wanted to know what the crowd inside the stadium were sending out to their social followers as they watched the Super Bowl. And what better way to do this than to create a geofence around the stadium and thus collecting over 17,000 posts that had a location tag attached to them.

And to make it even easier to know what was being said, they’ve put it all in one handy infographic (below or take a look here).

The key points to note about this example of tracking the conversation around an event are:

  • Don’t limit your search to just hashtags – 66% of posts coming from the stadium did not contain keywords including: super, bowl, patriots, seahawks or sb49
  • Delve into the locations of the location – One of our favourite stats is how the conversation differed from one side of the stadium to the other.
  • Gather the data from all social channels – they’re called social networks so clearly people are getting social on them, even if you’re not on it.



Infographic from Geofeedia.


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