How to make a logo come alive!

Sonos’ new logo appears to pulse when you scroll thanks to an optical illusion.

We love this new logo from Sonos Wireless Sound Systems.


It’s not easy to capture the idea of sound through static creative, but this has done so in very creative ‘accidental’ way. As you can see the logo appears to pulsate when a user scrolls up or down thanks to an optical illusion.

The Designer, who initially designed the mark around the idea of amplification – thus the radiating lines, has openly admitted the illusion was not his intention. In fact, he only realised halfway through the process that the lines looked like they were emitting sound waves when a user scrolled up or down.
“We didn’t know people were going to notice it so prominently,” says Webb Blevins, vp of brand design at Sonos. “We’ve done quite a bit of animation studies making that more prominent, but I thought, personally, it was going to go unnoticed.”

Well that doesn’t appear to be the case. Check out lots more about the rebrand at Fast Company.

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