What Do People Expect From Brands On Social Media?

 The Social Lifecycle

Above is an informative SlideShare presentation by HubSpot which looks at new consumer insights on using social media to improve your marketing, sales and service. The study asked 569 consumers how social media changes the way they buy and interact with brands. As more and more businesses continue to join social media, it’s inevitable that consumers will expect the very best from those they’ve chosen to follow on social media. But are these businesses delivering what consumers want?
We’ve summarised the most important points and listed them below. 


– Consumers have high expectations for brands on social media and expect them to be active on at least 3-4 social channels (even if consumers themselves aren’t following these brands).
– Over 60% of consumers expect brands to be on Twitter but only 30% follow their favourite brands there.
– 95% of those aged between 18-29 expect brands to have a Facebook presence.
– Facebook ranks as the highest social media channel which people expect businesses to be active on.
– On average, consumers follow brands on only half as many platforms as they expect them to be active on.


– Don’t just exist on social media: be relevant, engaging, and helpful.
– Be where your fans want you to be (and if you do a good job with #1, they’ll show up too).


– 73% of people are more likely to buy from a brand that responds on social media.
– Email is still the channel which people receive the most unsolicited sales messages
– Email is the number one way which people would prefer to be reached in regards to sales messages, followed by mail, through a mutual connection, Facebook, Linkedin, phone and Twitter.


– People don’t like being bothered by sales messages so you need a tool to see who’s actually interested.
– Social media is not the best place for cold selling but a great place to find out who you’re selling to.


– Whether you’re listening or not, people are talking about your brand on social media.
– 50% of 30-44 year olds admitted they had complimented a brand on social media within the last month.
– Just under 30% of 18-29 year olds had requested support on social media within the last month.
– 35% of 30-44 year olds had complained about a brand on social media within the last month.
– People still rely heavily on email and phone to request support, complain or compliment because they don’t think brands are listening on social media.


– You’re really missing out if you’re not active on social media. The conversations about your brand will continue to happen with or without you.
– Don’t just actively monitor, but truly listen and RESPOND! (We have been preaching this for so long.. check out our blog on The Importance Of Social Media Customer Service)

 In your opinion, how do you think businesses are responding to consumers via social media?

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