3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media This Week

This week in the wonderful world of social media… 

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Here are the latest noteworthy changes in social media this week which we felt you should know about:

1. Facebook Search Update
2. Shoppost for Amazon Webstore
3. App Annie Audience Intelligence

Facebook now lets you search for old photos and posts

“Remember when we took that awesome photo of the Eiffel Tower last year? You know, the one when it was all lit up? Never mind, I’ll just find it on Facebook…..” *10 minutes later*. “Oh I give up!”

Ever had one of those moments? Or maybe it was a funny post your friend tagged you in a few months back but you can’t bare the gruelling task of scrolling through your entire Newsfeed history.

Well, we have great news for you! Those days are finally over thanks to Facebook’s update to its search function which rolled out on Monday. This update now allows users to search for old posts and photos simply by typing in keywords related to them. For example, let’s just say I wanted to find that awesome photo of the Eiffel Tower. I’d scroll up to the search bar and type ‘Eiffel Tower’ followed by my name, then click search. This will take me to a page where I can switch between Posts, People, Photos, Pages and more all related to these keywords I’ve typed in. Sure enough, if I click on Photos tab, there it is! This new feature is very convenient and can actually be quite a lot of fun. I found myself searching through heaps of my old updates from posts of elation when Essendon beat Collingwood at the 2013 ANZAC day match I attended, to photos of past holidays to Europe.

The update has initially been rolled out on desktop and iPhone’s but an Android update is in the works however no specific date has been announced.

Facebook search

Facebook highlights the keywords you’ve searched in blue.

Amazon launches direct sales through social media

Amazon has recently launched social buying for Amazon Webstore (the brands all-in-one hosted eCommerce website) as the Shoppost platform is now available for merchants using the website. Shoppost is a web app which helps online retailers sell their products on social media news feeds and with the new partnership, retailers using Amazon Webstore can now sell their products in-stream on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs in a post that mimics an e-commerce storefront and connects the purchasers directly to their branded checkout process. Shoppost even provides analytics and reporting for your storefront. I think this is a fantastic idea for businesses who want to sell directly to consumers through social media as it shortens the path to purchase however there is a part of me which thinks this could annoy the hell out of users if they constantly see sales-based posts. I believe the key is to either limit your sales posts OR create a dedicated sales Facebook page as it looks like Harley-Davidson has done below.


New app from App Annie called Audience Intelligence

A new social media analytics tool has been released by App Annie named Audience Intelligence. The tool analyses user demographics and cross-app adoption rates for thousands of apps for both iOS and Google Play. The data gathered then provides you with insights into an apps user base (your own or competitors) to enhance your user acquisition, advertising and business development strategies. Audience Intelligence can even compare user overlap when looking at different apps for example you could find out how many users on Facebook, also use Twitter. This is very useful for people with their own apps looking for a deeper understanding of the user demographics and may also help advertisers to pin-point the apps that their target audience are using. There’s no information regarding pricing on App Annie’s website but you can request a demo here.


 Have you heard any other social media news worth noting? What were your thoughts on in-stream purchasing through social media? 


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