Will Twitter Offers bring an end to the coupon code?

Twitter have been rolling out update after update recently…

Each week is seeing a new means of allowing brands to reach their Twitter followers in more exciting ways. Although Twitter have been somewhat quiet on the social business front up until a few months ago, it seems that this ‘quiet’ time has been spent developing numerous ways of improving the Twitter experience for users, along with enhancing the way brands reach said users. It would appear that Twitter have taken this time to really think about how commerce should function on their social platform, not just copy and paste what their peers are doing.

This week, Twitter brought their offering up a notch by beginning to test (in the US only for now) Twitter Offers. You might remember a few months back, they started the ball rolling on allowing some brands to sell products directly from a tweet. Twitter Offers takes customer retention into the 21st century of payment methods, as it ‘enables advertisers to create card-linked promotions and share them directly with Twitter users.’

How do I claim a Twitter Offer?

It’s simple really. You see a Twitter Offer from a brand you follow in your timeline, click on it and add this offer to your debit/ credit card (that’s already linked to your Twitter profile) in just a few taps. That’s the genius part – it’s linked to your card now, so even if you forget about this offer, you can still avail of it, just as long as you pay by card in-store or when shopping online. After your purchase, your cash-back savings will appear on your card statement within a few days.

Twitter Offers

Every couple of months I wonder why my wallet is so heavy, and unfortunately it’s not because it’s loaded with hard cash. After clearing out around seven dollars in five and ten cents pieces, I take to sorting out all the receipts and general paper scrap I throw in there. This paper scrap normally consists of coupons from receipts from previous purchases to encourage me to shop there again, or money-off offers I’ve received in the mail from customer loyalty programs I’ve signed up to. But they all come with an expiry date, most of which have expired by the time I see them again. I also pay for purchases with my card a lot, so this is another reason I can’t wait to test out these Twitter Offers, whenever they get rolled out to Australian shores.

This is also exciting for brands as they can now accurately attribute offer redemptions to campaigns run on Twitter, so they can now effectively see the ROI from running these online campaigns, whether or not the redemption takes place online or offline. It also makes life a bit easier for businesses, despite your level of e-commerce and the payment technology you have in place – no change to the consumer purchase process or your existing payment method is needed, there’s no installing hardware, and you don’t even have to make your in-store staff aware of the promotion and how to implement it, as the money back is automated.

And Twitter assure us that your card details are ‘encrypted and safely stored’ once added to your profile, so it’ll make it a lot easier for you to avail of many offers along with purchasing directly on the platform, with the opportunity to remove all your info at any point.

US users will see Twitter Offers over the festive period from selected brands, and it will be interesting to see who can really make this latest customer loyalty their own while creatively standing out from the crowd in its implementation. Watch this space for more on Twitter Offers in Australia in 2015.


Would you avail of a Twitter Offer from your favourite brands?

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