Are You Ready For Instagram Advertising?

“Hola Instagram users.  We’re finally here!”  Sincerely, Advertisers. 

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Almost a year ago, we informed you Instagram announced their plans to roll out advertising to users.

Well it’s finally here in Australia! Last week, Instagram posted that they will begin to introduce advertising in Australia as part of the second wave of countries to get Instagram ads.  They’ll be starting with a few brands that are strong on Instagram and ensure the ads are creative & engaging to suit the Instagram community.

They’re instructing users to tap the “” button at the bottom right hand corner to hide the ad if it doesn’t interest them and offer feedback.  This provides Instagram and future advertisers with information on what is and isn’t working.

Like Facebook, they will use information about what users do on Instagram & Facebook i.e. people/brands users follow, images/videos users like and basic background information. “Instagram is about imagery over identity and creativity and craft win on Instagram” a Facebook spokeswoman said.

The first brands to run ads in the states were fashion brand Michael Kors, ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s (see ad below) and jeans brand Levi’s.

Ice cream brand Ben and Jerry's was among the first US Instagram advertisers in late 2013. Source: The Australian.

Ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s was among the first US Instagram advertisers in late 2013. Source: The Australian.

The company reported that the “ad campaigns were successful at delivering the broad reach our advertisers were seeking.”

If Instagram loses its ad-free spunk, will you be tempted to move on to the likes of Ello? 

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