Australian Multi-Screen Report Q1 2014 – Nielsen Research

Australian Multi-Screen Report Q1 2014 – Nielsen Research

The Australian Multi Screen Report Q1 2014 conducted by The Nielsen Company, takes a look at evolving viewing patterns across different age groups while also updating the take-up rates of internet-connected devices in Australian homes.

Key Findings:

  • Viewing of broadcast television is consistent with Australians watching on average just over 3 hours of TV per day on in-home TV sets.
  • Many age groups have increased their TV viewing year-on-year, and across the population people watched an additional 37 minutes of broadcast television per month in the quarter.
  • While viewing patterns continue to evolve, especially among younger people, all age groups spend the majority of viewing time on in-home sets.
  • In most cases, Australians are using new technologies to add or complement their viewing of traditional TV.


New technologies in Australian homes

  • Australians continue to adopt new internet capable devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops), which create additional opportunities for them to view broadcast TV and other video content.
  • 69 percent of Australians aged 16 and over own a smartphone
  • Tablets have the fastest adoption rate, now in 42 per cent of homes
  • Internet capable TV’s have are now in 27 per cent of homes
  • 80 per cent of homes have an internet connection



 Viewing on television and other devices

  • The vast majority of Australians continue to watch TV at home and live
  • In Q1 2014 people viewed an average 93 hours and 16 minutes each month of broadcast TV on household TV sets
  • Australians spend 7 hours and 48 minutes on average per month in the quarter viewing video online on a PC or laptop
  • Across the Australian population aged 16 and over, people claim to spend 1:56 per month watching any online video on a mobile phone and 1:47 on tablets


Simultaneous screen use

  • Online devices are in many cases being used as a complementary screen by Australians watching TV
  • 74 per cent of online Australians aged 16+ say they ever watch TV and use the internet simultaneously
  • People who multi-task say they most often use their laptop/notebook computers followed by desktop computers, mobile phones and then tablets
  • Connected devices put the world at a user’s fingertips, and it’s therefore not surprising that Australians primarily use their laptops/desktops and tablets for conducting searches and email.


With these facts and figures showing that Australians of all ages are becoming increasingly more connected with technology, multi-tasking, the internet and the digital world, it makes you think why any business WOULDN’T be online communicating with consumers.

Let us know what you think about the findings from this report and whether they will affect your marketing initiatives.

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