Instagram Introducing Analytics Dashboard for Advertisers

Instagram Analytics for Ads:

A welcome addition to the new image based ad platform.

With the not so recent news of the Instagram takeover by Facebook, and the inevitable introduction of Instagram ads that the takeover was bound to bring, everyone’s favourite photo sharing network are now upping their offering with the level of analytics they’ll provide to advertisers.

There’ll now be a whole host of metrics on offer for if, and/ or when, your business starts to run ads on Instagram such as impressions, reach and engagement, and with real time stats too. It’s currently being rolled out to selected partners such as Levi’s and Taco Bell in the States. Meanwhile, here in Australia, businesses will hopefully be able to get started on Instagram ads in the coming months, as their worldwide rollout has been slow, which may not necessarily be a bad thing when it comes down to quality control for users.

Instagram analytics dashboard via Instagram for Business

Instagram analytics dashboard via Instagram for Business

And the good news is the Instagram analytics will be accessible through a desktop dashboard for the mobile app, so you won’t be squinting over stats on your phone! It plans to pull-in Facebook’s demographic information to let advertisers review the age and gender breakdown of people interacting with ads, as well as having functionality to preview how your ad will look on a phone. These metrics will also be available for organic posts too, meaning you’ll be able to analyse your posts for likes and impressions.

“The idea is to see which types of creative are working best,” or so Jeff Kanter, product manager for Instagram says. It’s definitely a welcome addition to the Instagram ad implementation, and we do like how they are gradually rolling this out along with slowly adding to it as the months go by. This will hopefully result in a streamlined and successful impact once it hits our shores and business accounts.

Will you be running Instagram ads for your business once they’ve unlocked the medium to all advertisers?

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