5 Changes To The Facebook Page Layout

5 Changes To The Facebook Page Layout

With the ever changing digital landscape, it can sometimes be difficult to stay up to date with the latest information and changes. You may (or may not) have noticed subtle, yet important tweaks to your Facebook layout over the last few months. Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy! Facebook’s new page design has finally rolled out.

In this post we’ve highlighted the 5 most important changes you should be aware of with Facebook’s page layout, so you’ll be up to speed in no time.


1. Photos – BIGGER is better

Facebook has increased the size of images in the timeline by 25%, up to 504 pixels from 403. This is a dramatic increase and makes posting images all the more important with the added real estate. If you were previously uploading images with 403 pixels, be sure to increase their size as Facebook can show up to a full square at 504 x 504 pixels. This will ensure your images remain as crisp and clear as they should.

photos larger

2. Refined Facebook tabs

Previously, your Facebook tabs (beneath your cover photo) comprised of images rather than text. This brings us to the second change in Facebook’s page layout. The tabs will now consist of 5 text buttons with the last being a drop down button labelled ‘more.’



The tab app images are not completely gone, they’ve just been moved down to the left hand side of your timeline.


tabs 2


3. Customizable left hand section

You can now customize the left hand section on your timeline with exceptions to the people and about sections which are locked in that particular order. Otherwise you’re free to change the rest of your sections in whatever order you see fit. It’s as easy as clicking on the pencil icon, followed by manage sections, then clicking and dragging the sections you’d like to change. This can be very useful when choosing the most important sections you’d like visitors to see at the top of your Facebook page.

sections 2


 4. Weekly stats summary

One very handy addition to Facebook’s new page layout is the short summary of weekly stats in the top right hand corner of your timeline. This summary is only visible to admins of your page, but will save you time from navigating through the insights tab. You can also hover over the Page Likes, Post Reach, Notifications and Messages for additional information. Nice one Facebook!



5. Settings found under one tab

Settings are now found in one neatly set out tab named….. you guessed it, settings! This may seem like a minor tweak but it makes life a lot easier when updating important information such as Page Info, Page Roles, Apps and more.



For better, for worse, or maybe you haven’t even noticed.  How are you finding the latest changes to Facebook’s page layout?

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