7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

7 reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn

Is your business on LinkedIn? If you answered no, then why not? And if you answered yes, then it’s time to start paying attention to your company LinkedIn profile.

Many businesses and business professionals perceive LinkedIn to be just a network for job hunting and recruiting. How wrong they are! LinkedIn can be used by companies from a branding perspective, and is great platform for businesses to build and promote their brand. As suggested by LinkedIn expert Jennifer Bishop, LinkedIn is a goldmine for SEO, and LinkedIn’s SEO power is “one of the strongest in terms of all social media.”


As the most business-oriented social network, a wide range of companies are reaping the benefits and rewards from joining LinkedIn. As we keep saying, the nature of marketing has been transformed forever, and it is up to each business to decide whether or not they want to take advantage of the opportunities on offer and get ahead, or risk getting left behind.

The bottom line: your business should be on LinkedIn, and here are 7 reasons why…


1.     Increase brand visibility and awareness

LinkedIn is a fantastic way to increase your company’s visibility and generate brand awareness – who doesn’t want that?
When your employees and executives add connections, answer questions and participate in group discussions, your company’s brand will be much more visible and your employees may be considered though leaders or industry experts who customers and potential customers will go to for advice.

Earlier this year LinkedIn broadcast that it has reached over 300 million members. Back in January 2013 they reported having 200 million members, thus highlighting the rapid growth rate of approximately 6.6 million users per month. This number showcases the vast audience available to businesses on LinkedIn. It is up to your company to take advantage of this gargantuan figure by creating an engaging and striking LinkedIn profile. Once you have done this, you too will be visible to the robust network already on LinkedIn.


2.      Lead generation

Combining all the best aspects of traditional word-of-mouth lead generation with the ability to show off your brand in the best light, LinkedIn is a great way to generated new organic leads as people find and enjoy your company’s LinkedIn profile. When businesses actively participate in the LinkedIn community, they are given the opportunity to offer up their original content with the purpose of helping people solve their problems. If you can help answer someone’s question in a group forum, provide a link (preferably to one of your blogs or somewhere on your site) which will hopefully generate leads.


Targeted-Website-Traffic-300x2703.      Targeted ads

LinkedIn allows companies to create tailored ads which generate leads. Although LinkedIn sponsored updates are the most expensive type of paid social media advertising, it surely must be worth the money, right? After all they say you get what you pay for… LinkedIn ads provide businesses with the largest array of targeting options of any paid social media platform. What does this mean for your business? It means you can create ads targeted to extremely specific audience groups on LinkedIn.


4.      Increase traffic to your website

By uploading blogs and updates on your LinkedIn page, traffic can be redirected through to your company site. If your company profile is entertaining and engaging, then viewers may be drawn to your company’s site to learn more. A great way to increase traffic is to advertise and publish your regular blog posts on LinkedIn. As people click to read the blog posts, they will be redirected to your site.

LinkedIn is also a fantastic tool for Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). It is granted high authority by Google and thus LinkedIn profiles generally rank well in Google searches. Therefore, not only can companies use LinkedIn as a form of SERM to ensure that the top Google search responses positively reflect their brand, it also encourages traffic towards your site.


5.      B2B networking

One of the unique features of LinkedIn as a social network is the heavy business and professional presence. This creates a fantastic opportunity for B2B networking and marketing. In the hands of a B2B marketer LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful tool, and businesses should place LinkedIn at the centre of their B2B marketing strategy, with all other social media efforts complement their LinkedIn activity. LinkedIn is the second most important social network according to marketers around the globe (17%), falling behind the gigantic powerhouse Facebook. This highlights the great importance of LinkedIn amongst businesses, and the high regard they hold for this as a marketing platform, proving that it is one of the best social media tools for B2B marketing and networking available.

Groups who can benefit most from LinkedIn include professional businesses who provide B2B services. By successfully marketing their brand on social networks, such as LinkedIn, and developing a rich B2B network, B2B providers can ensure they are at the forefront of businesses’ minds when they are looking for their services.



6.      Platform to promote specific products and services

A company LinkedIn profile is a great medium through which to promote products and services. Companies can also use “Company Updates” to attach links to and information regarding special offers and promotions. For example, if your company offers a service providing tailored mentoring sessions to businesses, LinkedIn is a great platform to promote this service to not only current connections, but also potential customers who come across your company LinkedIn page.


7.      Customer satisfaction

Finally, LinkedIn offers businesses the perfect avenue through which to engage and communicate with their customers. Allowing customers to leave comments, write messages and even participate in online surveys is a great way to create a communication channel, and as a result show that you are a company that cares about their customers and their satisfaction. For more information, there is a six-episode video series assisting small businesses on how to best use LinkedIn.


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