Three Things Worth Noting in Social Media This Week

This week in the wonderful world of social media…

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have all been busy rolling out new updates and features that have caught our eye. The updates we are focusing on are:

1. Twitter introduces organic tweet analytics
2. LinkedIn reveal update allowing users to add SlideShare to their LinkedIn profile
3. Facebook unveils new way to monitor Facebook Ads on mobile devices

Twitter introduces organic tweet analytics 

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Twitter have just announced that for the first time marketers will be able to see how many times users have viewed and engaged with organic tweets. This will give marketers the power to optimize their content strategy more effectively and provide them with greater insights into the performance of their Tweets, helping maximise their business presence on Twitter.  This latest update enables advertisers to see how well their Tweets are performing and compare their impressions, total engagements and Retweets month over month. They can also view the number of Retweets, replies, favourites, follows, link clicks and embedded media clicks each Tweet receives. This this update will also allow marketers to export their Tweet performance metrics into a CSV file.


LinkedIn reveals update allowing users to add SlideShare to their LinkedIn profile

Previously LinkedIn had restricted its users from uploading their amazing SlideShare presentations to their LinkedIn accounts. This prevented professionals from showcasing presentations that display their projects, research, skills and areas of expertise.  However this is all about to change as (drum roll please…) LinkedIn announces their latest update to enable users to upload presentations directly from SlideShare to their LinkedIn profiles.

To add published presentations to your LinkedIn profile, first connect your SlideShare account to your LinkedIn account (you will receive a prompt to connect when you choose to add a published SlideShare or upload a new one). Then go into “My Uploads” (while in your SlideShare profile), hover over the SlideShare you wish to publish and select “Add to profile”. If you wish to upload a new presentation, simply choose to add it to your LinkedIn profile when you publish it on SlideShare. And to make it even easier, all SlideShare files that are uploaded will be automatically stored in the Summary section of your LinkedIn profile. So all that’s left is for you to start uploading all of those amazing SlideShare presentations you’ve had lying around in the cybersphere!


Facebook unveils new way to monitor Facebook Ads on mobile devices


Facebook have made several updates to the way marketers can manage Facebook Ads, with the latest enabling marketers to monitor and manage their Facebook Ads on the go from a mobile device using the Facebook apps (iOS, Android and mobile site). Marketers can now pause and resume campaigns, edit budgets and schedules, view insights, and respond to notifications and alerts. This update currently being rolled out world-wide, so marketers can expect to have access to this feature by the end of winter.



This week we are playing with…ECHOBOXEchobox

Echobox is a scheduling tool that has been designed to increase online traffic from social networks for news publishers. It has built complex statistical algorithms to continuously analyse your articles and visitor data, effectively detect the most viral content, and then makes suggestions in real-time on which articles are best to share on specific social networks at specific times. An example would be: “Post this article on Facebook within the next half an hour”. Marketers can then choose to follow these suggestions to increase their traffic. Furthermore, Echobox continues to constantly track your website’s audiences in real-time to detect potentially viral content that you may wish to share.


Have you seen any interesting social media  updates recently? If so, please share them with us!

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