3 Things Worth Noting in Social Media This Week: Facebook announces multi-product ads, enhancements to custom audiences for websites, and expanded video marketing capabilities

This week in the constantly changing world of social media…

Facebook have been extremely busy over the past few weeks updating their site functions and what they offer to both users and businesses. In response to all their hard work, we are focusing solely on the latest Facebook updates in this week’s social media blog post. These updates include:

1.    Introduction of multi-product ads
2.    Enhancements to custom audiences for websites
3.    Expanded video marketing capabilities


  • Facebook announces multi-product ads


Facebook’s multi-product ads will allow businesses to  display up to three different products within a single ad unit, on a desktop or mobile device. The multi-product ads will slide across the screen displaying individual images, text and a click target. For example, when advertising a television you could also advertise a sound system and a gaming console in the same ad. Therefore users are exposed to several of your products on their News Feed without actually having to visit your site. This new feature is currently only available through Facebook ads API, but Facebook have announced their intentions to release this new feature into other ad interfaces later in the year.


  • Facebook rolls out enhancements to custom audiences for your website

Facebook custom audience

Facebook have also recently announced their plans to roll out several enhancements to their Custom Audiences from marketers’ websites. This will increase businesses’ reach and ability to build audiences. These updates include:

• Allowing businesses to build specific audiences, such as an audience of people who have not visited their site for a while
• New audience restrictions enabling businesses to build highly targeted segments for different products in their catalogue
• Facebook Pixel Helper (helping advertisers automatically troubleshoot their Custom Audiences)
• Giving advertisers the ability to build audiences based on their past activity


  • Facebook expands video capabilities 

After their release of their new video metrics and Premium Video Ads earlier this year, Facebook have recently further expanded businesses’ video advertising capabilities. Marketers can now choose specific aspects of their videos to highlight and target. For example, marketers wanting to drive “video views” can choose to specifically target people most likely to view videos on Facebook. We can expect to see these updates rolled out within the coming weeks.


Facebook is also giving advertisers the opportunity to encourage people to view additional content after viewing their videos in two ways. The first is by providing marketers with the opportunity to select audiences of people who have already viewed their videos. Marketers can then choose to create ads that are more targeted for these specific people, helping to increase brand and product awareness and affinity. The second is allowing advertisers to add a call-to-action after people have viewed their video, such as a link to their website. We have seen a rise in video marketing, and this update allows businesses to encourage Facebook users with a call-to-action and then send them targeted brand messages after users have viewed their video.


What we are playing with this week… Moment


Do you ever find yourself aimlessly perusing through the World Wide Web and realise you’ve actually been on your phone far longer than you’d care to admit? Although we tend to think we are being ‘quick’ when we check our emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc., all these fast snippets of social media and internet usage do eventually add up! “Moment” is the iOS app trying to reduce the amount of time we spend each day on our iPhones. It has been designed to be invisible, with gentle reminders briefly appearing on your screen if you go over your daily limit. Now, it is not suggesting we throw out our smartphones and stop using them altogether. Instead it aims to draw user’s attention to how much they use their phone, and thus aid them in establishing a healthy balance between being digitally connected and disconnected.


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