Big Data Trends: Internet Trends Report 2014 – Part 3/4

Big Data Trends for 2014

We have left you with a few days to process the piles of extremely interesting information regarding internet trends. So, it is now time to post PART THREE in our analysis of the findings outlined in Mary Meeker’s 2014 annual internet trends report.

The first two posts focused on:
  • What’s trending – Key internet trends
  • Our Changing We Habits – Re-imagining online usage

This post will focus on the big internet data trends for 2014, including the rise in uploadable, findable and sharable real-time data, the increase in digital sensor use, the simultaneous fall of processing costs as the Cloud rises and how new user interfaces increasing the visibility of data.


Uploadable / Findable / Sharable / Real-Time Data Rising Rapidly

  • Growth of photo uploading / sharing / finding remains strong as new real-time platforms emerge (such as Snapchat)
  • Photos are uploaded and shared over 1.8 billion times per day – this is up from 1.2 billion photo uploads and shares per day in 2013
  • As photos are uploaded and shared, they can either be findable or unfindable

•   The following sites have findable image content:

Slide page 63

Image courtesy of SlideShare

•   In contrast, the following sites have uploadable and sharable data, but not findable:

not findable


Sensor Use Rising Rapidly

  • Trends are showing sensors are experiencing rapid growth rates
  • There is a growing number of electronic devices being shipped globally – an increase of 32% year on year to 8 billion units

growing sensors in device

  • Furthermore, there is a rising proliferation of sensors in mobile devices

Sensor Use


Processing costs are Falling Rapidly…

  • Declining global compute / computational costs

•     33% annual decline from 1990 to 2013
•     Enables computational power to be at the core of digital infrastructure

  • Declining global storage costs

•     38% annual decline from 1992 to 2013
•     Decreasing cost of digital storage allows for the creation of more, richer digital information

  • Declining global bandwidth costs

•     27% annual decline from 1999 to 2013
•     Declining cost of bandwidth enables faster collection and transfer of fata to facilitate richer connections and interactions

  • Declining smartphone costs

•     5% annual decline from 2008-2013
•     As smartphone prices continue to decline, their availability to the public increases


…While the Cloud Rises

As trends revealed that processing costs are falling at a rapid rate, they also show that the Cloud has been rising steadily.

cloud rises


New User Interfaces – Increasing Data Visibility 

As mentioned in our last post in this blog series, user interfaces are being completely revamped! Aided by data-generating consumers, new appealing user interfaces are aiding the process of making data usable and useful.

These new interfaces are challenging non-Cloud business models:

  • Startups are no longer experiencing the same challenges with error-prone legacy data as they once were – they are overcoming this issue due to the availability of crowdsourcing.
  • New companies are now doing old tasks in new, innovative ways, thanks to new data sourced from new device types. The result is rapid growth of many new companies much faster than before.


 Make sure you stay tuned for our final post reflecting on the findings presented in Mary Meeker’s 2014 internet trends report! In the meantime if you have any comments or queries, please leave a comment below…


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