2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses


Social Media 2014 update: Several major findings

All statistics and graphs have been compiled by Socialmediaexaminer.com for 2014.


• Marketers highlight importance of social media in marketing strategies

Of the surveyed marketers, 97 percent said they are already using social media as a form of marketing for their business. Furthermore, 92 percent of surveyed marketers believe that social media is important to their business. It is important to note that only one percent of surveyed marketers disagreed with the importance of social media for their business.

importance of social media


• Marketers are focusing in particular on developing their tactics and engagement

86 percent of marketers are most concerned with developing successful social media tactics and figuring out the best ways to engage with their audiences. As involvement in social media marketing increases, engagement will become the edge that helps companies to stand out.


• Blogging is the area marketers are most interested in developing

68 percent of marketers reported future plans to heavily increase focus and their use of blogging for 2014. It is interesting to note that blogging has not topped the chart for increased area for activity since 2010. This highlights the rising importance for business blogging, as marketers are realising the potential in blogging, and plan to heavily increase their use of blogging. To learn more about developing a successful business blog, click here.


• Google+ is the area marketers want to learn most about

As we reported earlier in the year, marketers are buzzing with excitement and intrigue around Google+. This sentiment is echoed in this Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2014, which revealed 65 percent of participants were interested in learning more about Google+. Click here for more information on why your business should be using Google+.



• Marketers involvement in Podcasting forecasted to grow

Currently only six percent of marketers reported an existing involvement with Podcasting. However 21 percent have plans to increase involvement in this area. These stats draw attention to the significant potential for growth in Podcasting as a social media platform.


• Marketers question the effectiveness of their Facebook marketing

When asked whether they agree with the statement “My Facebook marketing is effective”, 21 percent disagreed, and 37 percent were unsure. Although a larger percentage of marketers are actively using Facebook as a platform for social media marketing, it is still an area that marketers are looking to improve in. To make sure your business is getting the most out of their Facebook advertising, read these helpful tips.


• Facebook and LinkedIn hold the top spot for marketers’ most important social networks

When given the option of selecting only one platform, 54 percent of marketers reported the gigantic powerhouse Facebook as their most valuable social network platform. This was followed by 17 percent of marketers who chose LinkedIn. These statistics have not come as much of a surprise, with relatively little change from 2013. linkedin

• Marketers believe original written content is the most important for social media marketing

Out of all forms of content, a whopping 58 percent of marketers selected written content marketing as the most important. This was then followed by 19 percent of marketers reporting original video assets – such as infographics and memes – as the most important. This further enhances the importance and value of written blogs as a marketing tool, and the growing trend in video content marketing. To read more about this growing trend, click here.


This was an internationally conducted survey, with 60 percent of participants based in the United States, eight percent from the United Kingdom, seven percent from Canada and five percent from Australia. It is important to note that although the majority of surveyed marketers were based in the US, these trends tend to foreshadow social media behaviour and trends in Australia.  

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