4 benefits of using Instagram for a business

4 benefits of using Instagram for a business

With over 75 million daily users, if your business is not on Instagram yet, it’s time to get started! The beauty of this social network is the ease of posting involved – if you’ve got a smartphone and a good idea of what you want your business to showcase, then you’re already off to a great start.

Here are 4 tips on how to best utilise Instagram for your business:

1. Use good quality images:
Yes, Instagram is a mobile based app, and most smartphones have good quality cameras, but if you have some high-res images of your products and/or business, get posting them to your account.

2. Encourage your fans to follow and buy with incentives:
Let’s face it – people mainly follow businesses on social media for discounts and free stuff! So give them what they want by offering incentives. My local juice bar offers a freebie if you post a picture of their juice on Instagram and follow and tag them in it. Just show it to them when you come in for your next juice. Just make sure you state it’s a one per customer/ Instagram account in your T&C’s!

3. Win, win:
Following on the freebie/ discount vibe, everyone loves a giveaway. Previous experience has shown great results with brands offering to give away a prize (mainly their product) once they reach X amount of followers. Again, just be sure to cover yourself in T&C’s here, particularly when it comes to locations – Instagram is a worldwide app, so define location restrictions otherwise you’ll be spending a lot of money delivering prizes.

4. Get personal:
Instagram is a great tool for getting ‘behind the scenes’ of a brand, something many people wouldn’t get to see normally. So whatever your business, show your fans the workings of it with fun photos, posts of staff, birthdays in the store, etc. The video feature is a great way of showcasing these stories and allows your fans to form a bond with your business.

Instagram is a great social tool for connecting with your customers easily, as well as for building brand awareness and engagement. Tell us how you’ve used it for your business?

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