Twitter becoming more image focused

Twitter becoming more image focused…

A picture paints a thousand words,  but more pictures still equals 140 characters!

Ever have that battle with yourself where you really want to post a group of pictures with hashtags but not have to resort to being the saddo who hashtags their posts on Facebook? All the time? Yea, us too.

Well FINALLY the solution has arrived – multiple photos in a single tweet on Twitter… hurray!

Twitter is now allowing users to add multiple (where multiple = up to four) images to a single tweet, and in even better news it won’t affect your character count AND you can tag people (no more than 10 though) in them. While they have come under scrutiny for their updates going down a Facebook-esque route, the powers that be in Twitter reckon it’s just a move to make the service ‘more social’.

However, this new feature has only been rolled out on mobile apps for Twitter (Android and iPhone is the plan but at time of writing iPhone currently only have this new feature). If you want to check it out and post your multiple images to your heart’s content, then select your images like normal and then get tag happy with the option ‘Who’s in the photo?’. And yes, there are privacy options – you can opt to only approve tags from people that you follow, but note that the default option is to allow any Twitter user to tag you in their image… Queue a lot of confused users getting tagged.

Tag ALL the photos on Twitter

Tag ALL the photos on Twitter

Image courtesy of Memeburn

Further Twitter Profile Updates

Twitter is getting very photo friendly as of late, particularly after it recently changed how we see images in timelines by allowing for an automatic expansion.

And in further Twitter update news, it’s also only very recently rolled out ‘pinned tweets’ to a select group of who they deem to be ‘high profile’ users for free. This allows these ‘high rollers’ or pinners the chance to pin a tweet to the top of their page. This ‘pinned tweet’, similar to a pinned post on brand Facebook pages (…ahem) will be labelled as ‘promoted’ and will sit at the top until it’s told to do otherwise by the user. This feature has been available through the ‘partnership program’ over the last year to companies like General Electric, with the aim being to roll out to all brands as a means of paying for promoted tweets.

And just as we went to publish this article, Twitter came out with even more image based updates… seriously Twitter, give us a minute! Users will gradually see an all new profile soon that not surprisingly enough is reminiscent to a certain other social network. The new look is being rolled out, again to high profile users as well as new signups, suggesting Twitter are getting a little bit concerned about the recent stall of new users signing up to the platform.

How your new Twitter profile will look soon

How your new Twitter profile will look soon

Image courtesy of Mashable

This chance will see larger cover profile header images behind profile images, which you can scale and drag around to position it as you wish. Twitter names, handles, descriptions, links and pictures are all on the far left (like Facebook). However, they still stand out because there’s nothing below them.

What do you think of Twitter’s image changes – are they just becoming more ‘social’ or just copying what our other popular social networks are doing?

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