Tinder no longer just for hook ups: Business using Tinder for marketing

Tinder no longer just for hook ups: Business using Tinder for marketing

All us single, social people have heard of Tinder and perhaps even dabbled with it for a week of two –  swiping away rejects and possible love right and left until we find a ‘match’.

It's a match!

Since launching last year, Tinder’s has exploded on the single scene (even with some cheeky non-singles). The company decline to release any numbers of accounts created on the app, however in eight months since launch Tinder users have rated each other’s profiles 3.5 billion times. They’ve been matched up 35 million times. In terms of new users, the company is still seeing 5% day-over-day growth, down from 10% in January.

Well now Tinder isn’t just used to fill our lonely hearts. Many brands are now leveraging the success of this dating tool to market their brands.

In January of this year, the US television series, The Mindy Project used the dating network to launch their upcoming new season. In one of Tinder’s first advertising campaigns, the characters of The Mindy Project set up fake profiles on the dating/ hook up app. Once users swiped themselves as a match with one of the characters, they would then receive a private message asking them to tune in to the TV Show.

The Mindy Project Tinder Profiles


US drama series,Suits‘ also went down the Tinder marketing route. Similar to The Mindy Project campaign, Tinder users log and find their first potential match either “Suits” law partner Harvey Specter or paralegal Rachel Zane. If a user “likes” the character’s profile, they’ll have access to exclusive content from the show with sneak peeks, audio greetings and video clips available only to those on Tinder.

It doesn’t stop there…

Australian brand General Pants Co,  has followed suit hosting a special Tinder promotion for Valentine’s Day this year. The promotion titled ‘Get in My Pants’ (yes, you read that correctly) featured a push notification inviting Tinder users to ‘get in my pants’ with the call to action being an offer of 20% off to any customer who went in store and flashed their Tinder profile.

General Pants Tinder


Have you tried Tinder? How do you think this app works as a marketing tool? Does advertising on dating sites work? 

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