3 ways you can market your business on SnapChat

3 ways you can market your business on SnapChat

Unless you have been living under a rock or still sobering up from your Christmas holidays, you’ll know that Snapchat is a pioneer in social media world rapidly taking over and luring a younger audience away from other networks and into their open arms.

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  • Snapchat has managed to capture the attention of tweens and teens, a crowd that’s tiring of Facebook.


So how can you use Snapchat’s success for your business marketing needs?


1. Creating an advertisement/ promotion with a shelf life

Snapchat lets you share a ‘snap’ (picture) that’s got a time limit set to it. This can last anywhere from 1-10 seconds (once the user opens it) and with the new Snapchat stories feature; items can be available up to 24 hours.

Send out a discount code, exclusive offer etc. with whatever time limit you deem appropriate till the message self-destructs.

New York frozen yoghurt chain, 16 Handles attempted a Snapchat promotion January of last year.  The brand created an account “Love16Handles” and encouraged users to participate by visiting select locations at certain times and snapping photos of their friends enjoying the frozen yogurt. Once they snap, they’ll receive a special coupon code for 16% off, 50% off, or 100% off which they then have just 10 seconds to show the cashier.Instead of pushing an advertisement to their fans, 16 Handles is encouraging their community to message them when they’re actually at the store, a big difference in effort for consumer and brand.

16 Handles Snapchat Promotion

Within a few days of beginning their Snapchat campaign, 16 Handles had exchanged more than 1,400 images with users, and built a user list to which they could send future promotional material.

Use giveaways and promotions to encourage your current fans currently following you on other social networks to add your brand on Snapchat and spread the word to build your following. You can track new subscribers with a simple hashtag that reinforces your brand and reward those fans who recruit their friends to follow your brand, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a giveaway!


Samsonite S'Cure new product sneak peak


2. Take people behind the scenes

If they want to see more you can link them to your other social channels or website to view the full story. This will create a buzz among your followers and is a way to treat your followers more like friends than customers.Give people a quick snippet inside of whats going on with your brand. This can be anything from  fashion show preparations, photo shoots, testing out a new product, or even a teaser for a new product that is yet to be released (See Samsonite example). These can range from photos or a 10 second video that tells a quick story. It’s all about catching the attention of your followers, and quickly!

It can be hard to engage a younger audience in the 13-25 age demographic. Snapchat gives you inexpensive access to them, and done right, Snapchat can fit seamlessly into your mobile strategy and have a high ROI.




3. Connect with fans

Encourage your existing fans on other social networks to follow you on Snapchat.

Taco Bell Twitter Snapchat Promotion






Once you have lured them over, be warm and welcoming. A way to do this is to send out welcome message and offers to all new added fans once per day.


There are currently no paid advertisements on Snapchat, but rumors are programs are in development for the service. User attention is very difficult to capture, but Snapchat’s short duration, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it presentation might offer a compelling way for marketers to reach consumers with brief, impactful messaging. What other ways do you think you can market your brand on Snapchat?

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