Say goodbye to Facebook’s sponsored stories

The marketers in us will fret, while our everyday timeline scanner side rejoices…

Facebook kicked off 2014 with a bang, announcing some major changes to its developer roadmap. But the main big change concerning all Facebook marketers is the end of Sponsored Stories from April 9th. However, this was old news for those who follow Facebook’s news and announcements closely, as they had in fact already warned that this could happen in June 2013.

Facebook claims that this move is an attempt to simplify advertising and to bring the focus from the ad type, and more so towards the assets you are promoting. If you’re a recent Facebook ad poster you’ll be aware of the recent addition of the Objective Flow which allows you to easily set your advertising objective

Thumbs down on sponsored posts

On first glance, this announcement seemed huge, however all ads will continue to include ‘social context’ where possible. This means that when you currently run page post or page like ads, Facebook will automatically show if your friend liked/commented on the post or liked the page. Therefore all ads will come with social context; you can’t just create an ad with the sole purpose of that now. But your Page Post and Page Like Sponsored Stories Stories will continue to thrive.

But there is some bad news – all Domain and Open Graph Sponsored Stories are no more (ads promoting a website/ domain name). This will come as a disappointment to many as they are good website traffic drivers, but despite that, they are no more come April 9th.

Will any of these changes affect the way you advertise on Facebook?

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