8 ways in which marketing is similar to dating

8 ways in which marketing is similar to dating

Being a part of the marketing and dating world, I can’t help but see many similarities between the two.

Not only do we put on our best face to present our brands (or ‘Personal Brand’ for dating) but  after reading The Passion Conversation‘ I learnt that our whole approach and content for both is very similar. 

So here is some advice to not only help in the marketing world but with your love life!

Love Marketing

1. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Dating: Think about when we go on a first date. We put on our best new dress or shirt we went to the effort of ironing, brushed our hair and sprayed ourselves with our favourite scent. We’ve got set this up perfectly and have our best face on.

We get to the restaurant, are seated and then suddenly our date is constantly talking about themselves – me this, me that, we can’t get a word in and they are not listening!  We get bored, we start to judge and we don’t like it! We don’t have a good time and there’s a very strong chance we won’t be returning this persons calls or going on a second date.

Marketing: Same applies to marketing. We’ve put effort into our appearance/ how we cant to be seen, we’ve set the scene but our content falls short when it’s all about the brand/ business and therefore our audience gets bored and there will be no more engagement.

The solution: LISTEN & Learn! How and when do they fit in their lives/ brand? How can you add value? What is it they want/ need from you? This advice goes to both dating and marketing boys & girls.


2. Be realistic

Dating: Be realistic about what kind of partner and relationship you want. This doesn’t mean settling, it just means not chasing the beautiful blonde because everyone at the party is ogling over her when you are clearly missing out on the pretty brunette in the corner you’ve already established somewhat of a relationship with.

Marketing: Sadly, as most of us know from personal experiences, you can’t make someone who is not interested in you love you. Be realistic about who your customers really are and not just who you want them to be.

Solution: You can’t choose your advocates; they choose you. The result? No partnerships that don’t make sense and no more bad dates. Stop chasing new people and look at the ones who’s attention you already have.


3. You won’t find admirers on the couch/office chair

Dating: It is fun watching romantic movies and daydreaming that someday that’ll be you, despite the fact you don’t socialise all that much and spend most of your free time on the couch in your pajama bottoms with your cat asleep on your lap. You have to get out in the real world and make connections. Admirers won’t come a knocking!

Marketing:  Don’t hide behind your computer scrolling through endless amounts of data to hunt down your fans. Join your fans where they already are whether that is at a music festival, AFL game or chess club.

Solution: Get out of your house/ office to seek admirers.

Twitter Love

4. You can discover a lot online

Dating: Not having much success at bars? Why not try online dating.  Online dating is a quick way to get connected to those who share similar interest/ passions to you and who are also out looking for the same thing you are – somebody to love.

Marketing: There are so many ways to listen and participate in conversations that your customers and potential customers are having, and the way to do this (without being labeled a stalker) is by going online. From these conversations you can gage what your customers are looking for and what they think of your brand.

Solution: By using online technology, everyone has the ability to meet people who share similar interests, people who they may have otherwise never met/ connected with in ‘real life’.


5. Love is patient and kind

Dating: All we singles have come to some point in our ‘love hunt’ where no one has taken the bait and we feel extremely impatient, unmotivated and ready to throw in the towel.

Marketing: Igniting interest and sparking movements in our brand is not an over night success. Ad campaigns have an on and off switch. You create them, run them, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Building community and loving your customers is not something you do for a limited amount of time. You do it every single day and the value of effort grows exponentially stronger and deeper with time (Phillips, Cordell, Church & Moore 2013 Pg. 8)

Solution: You will not get success and gratification overnight – sure, there are one-night stands that might feel good at the time (perhaps the marketing equivalent of this is a successful campaign) but it’s not long term (Phillips et al 2013 Pg. 8). For real and lasting relationships to form, you need to firmly invest long term.  Not everyone will fall in love with you and that’s okay as those who don’t were never the right advocates or customers for your brand. It’s nothing to take personally. Don’t give up; you are passionate about this so keep going!


6. Become familiar

Dating: When dating go on several different places (if you keep going to drinks then back to their place, you’ve got yourself a problem). Let’s say for your first date you go for dinner, then the next date you go to a movie, then a day date at the markets. We feel more familiar and positive around people whom we’ve shared many good experiences with therefore create memories in several locations.

Marketing: Create experiences with your fans; show up in many different places. Try different marketing techniques, such as traditional (TV, radio, billboards), online, sponsorship’s etc. and present your brand as fun giving people new and exciting experiences. Get to know your customers, clients and staff on a more personal level. A survey by Nielsen found that consumers are more likely to buy from a familiar brand.

Solution: We feel more familiar around people whom we’ve shared many good experiences with therefore create memories in several locations and on many different platforms (online & offline). Make you and your brand familiar to your audience.


Brand Tattoos


7. Share secrets

Dating: Be open and honest with your date.

Marketing: Let your employees, customers and clients in on thing’s they wouldn’t otherwise typically get to see (all in good taste of course).

Solution: Sharing shows you care which leads to trust. You want your customers, advocates and lovers (wink, wink) to trust you.


8. Less is more

Dating: Don’t give too much away too soon.

Marketing: Don’t plaster your name across all marketing tool that are irrelevant to your brand or your customers. It’s not about quantity but rather quality.

Solution: Don’t create brochures, creative conversation tools. Create platforms for people to share their own stories




R Phillips, G Cordell, G Church & J Moore 2013, ‘The Passion Conversation’, John Wiley & Sons Inc, New Jersey

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