5 reasons why video is effective marketing for your business!

5 reasons why video is effective marketing for your business! 

Video is social marketing

1. Uploading

Uploading videos has become very easy in the last few decades and with websites like Youtube, Facebook and now Instagram, brands have found a way/channel to access an incredible number of people, quickly, efficiently and cheap.


2. Social Media

There have been many new changes in social media this past year, like the 15 second videos on Instagram, with which many brands are already working to reach a bigger public by sharing with their followers. With these new platforms, brands have a whole new range of opportunities to reach new customers with interesting and creative videos instead of long texts which fail to engage people.


3. Share

It has never been easier for brands to share news and innovations than with video platforms. Snapchat for example is one of the newest social media platforms with already more than 5 million users, uploading 150 million pictures and videos daily. Imagine how fast your new video could be spread all around the world!


Filming for Marketing


4. Education

With webinars and YouTube Hangouts everybody can learn new skills with videos on the internet. From learning about new online strategies, blogging, new languages or even studying towards a university degree, everything is possible without even leaving the house. Education has never been so easy and accessible!


5. Audience

Videos allow you to reach much more potential customers than for example a flyer could. Without that many costs, it’s easier to focus on your target audience and you have direct feedback to work on your marketing strategy. Also there are more people interested in watching a video, than reading texts and if your video gets popular, people all around the world will see/share your brand.


The video trends will definitely not stop in the near future and this could be a great opportunity for your brands online presence.


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